LOV-S is a knitwear company that is concerned with the language of clothes and the meaning of what we wear in our everyday lives. Where and how are my clothes made? What effect does my wardrobe have on the ever-increasing flow of products into the world? There is a reason why we offer reasonably-priced, high quality, timeless knitwear that speaks to modern men and women.

Clothes are just our particular medium to contribute to a world where art and design enrich our lives, bring us together and continue to educate us to consume consciously. We do this for individuals who are happy in their own skin; comfortable and confident in how they look and feel. Our people love to see the hand in their clothes and care enough to choose things that last.

To begin with, high-quality yarns are crucial. No acrylic or viscose fibres can be found in the collection, and for a reason. Although the price of these fibres might be very attractive, their quality is ultimately limited. We like to give our garments a solid foundation. We experiment with every yarn to make sure it feels good and the resulting garment will stay in your closet for a long time - simply because you'll want to wear it again and again. In a world dominated by fast fashion, we think this is a wiser and kinder approach to dressing. Investing in things that are well-made and taking care of them.

To be made in Europe was, likewise, a non-negotiable point for our brand. We are inspired by the manufacturing tradition of Italy and the rest of Europe, and are happy to be part of its economy. The people who make our garments must get paid fairly and be treated with dignity and respect. In an era when well-crafted items are rare, as are the people who make them, we are proud to contribute to a system that keeps craft alive.

We hope that you, our respected customer, will help us cultivate these values by expressing yourself through clothing, choosing good design that makes you happy and taking care of our beautifully-made products (and things you already own) to make them last a lifetime.

LOV-S is a distinctly European product, made with the utmost love and care.